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Intentional Business

If you are a solopreneur, or a small business owner without a management or leadership team, One-On-One Strategy Coaching might be the right option. 

In regular, hour-long sessions, we'll create a strategic plan and then dig deep into the issues you are facing and come up with bite-sized, actionable steps to help you improve your organization, no matter how small you are or what your business does. 

Work with Us

The first step in the Intentional Business Strategic Planning process is to schedule an hour-long assessment meeting. This complimentary meeting will allow you to learn more about the IBSP process to determine if it's a fit. 

The Intentional Business Strategic Plan

Developing a strategic plan for your business can seem overwhelming, but our Intentional Business Strategic Planning Process begins at ground level, asking the Four Foundational Questions. Then it moves to a long-term vision, followed by progressively shorter timelines to develop a detailed strategic plan. Quarterly planning meetings help maintain focus and encourage progress.

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