Who We Are

We are storytellers. 

Everyone at Starling Consulting is a storyteller. Not the sit-around-the-campfire-telling-ghost-stories type (although we have some of those, too), but the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-honest-about-what-you-are type. We are people who think deeply about who we are, and how all of our words, and actions, tell our story. 

Our purpose is to take our skills in strategic planning, design, art, sales, writing, and human resources and help organizations tell their story intentionally, from small details to large initiatives. We've worked at, and with, too many companies who, over the course of time, allowed negative culture, haphazard marketing, disinterested customer service, unfocused hiring and infrequent strategic planning to create an organization telling several stories simultaneously, or not telling a story at all. 

We work hard every day to help companies clarify and communicate consistent, compelling stories. And then, yeah, we might tell a few of our own around the fire. 

Do you want our help to tell your story better? To close more sales, hire better talent, create clear strategy or win more awards? Just click the link below and schedule a free one-hour phone consultation to learn more about our process. 

Founder and Chief Storyteller, Lacy Starling

Before opening Starling Consulting, Lacy spent 20 years starting, running and managing businesses, doing everything from designing websites for bars in Kent, Ohio (while still in college) to founding and growing a $30 million freight brokerage. Through those experiences, she learned that the most exciting part of business is...business. It never mattered much to her what her companies were selling (as long as it was necessary, sold ethically, and done well). What got Lacy out of bed in the morning was running the business well

That excitement and experience are what Lacy will bring to your organization. Her enthusiasm for strategic planning, developing unstoppable culture, creating winning sales teams, and telling stories is infectious. Coupled with that enthusiasm is her ability to help organizations drive change and growth while staying true to their core values. She uses her decades of experience to shorten the learning curve for other companies, and she loves every minute of it. 

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