What's Our Story?

 We are intentional. 

Starling Consulting began because our Founder, Lacy Starling, saw too many companies unintentionally scrambling from one crisis to another and failing to achieve the success they wanted, because they had forgotten the most important part of success - figuring out where you want to end up BEFORE you get started.

Our purpose is to take our skills in strategic planning and sales and help you build an Intentional Business, from nailing down small details to launching large initiatives. We've worked at, and with, too many companies who, over the course of time, allowed negative culture, haphazard marketing, disinterested customer service, unfocused hiring and infrequent (or nonexistent) strategic planning to create an organization telling several stories simultaneously, or telling the wrong one. 

We work hard every day to help companies develop strategy, set targets, do the work and analyze the results. Intentionally.

Our Core Values

We believe every company should have, and follow, a set of Core Values. These are the building blocks of your business—they should define who you are and inform every decision you make. Here are ours: 


Everything we do, we do on purpose, with an eye toward accomplishing our goals.


We strive to do our best work, every day, and help our clients to do the same. 


Internally and externally, we listen to understand, and we speak with clarity. 


We recognize the value of our fellow humans and seek to give more than we take.

Founder and Chief Intention Setter, Lacy Starling

Before opening Starling Consulting, Lacy spent 20 years starting, running and managing businesses, doing everything from designing websites for bars in Kent, Ohio (while still in college) to founding and growing a $30 million freight brokerage. Through those experiences, she learned that the most exciting part of business is...business. It never mattered much to her what her companies were selling (as long as it was necessary, sold ethically, and done well). What got Lacy out of bed in the morning was running the business well

That excitement and experience are what Lacy will bring to your organization. Her enthusiasm for strategic planning, creating winning sales teams, and telling stories is infectious. Coupled with that enthusiasm is her ability to help organizations drive change and growth with intention, while staying true to their core values. She uses her decades of experience to shorten the learning curve for other companies, and she loves every minute of it. 

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