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  • Writer's pictureLacy Starling

#63: Humanity

One of the biggest issues with our world today, I think, is the lack of recognition of our fellow humans. We've walled ourselves off into closed groups and we only emerge to lob verbal grenades at those we've deemed "other." It is corrosive to our existence as a society and detrimental to a discourse that includes diverse thought and opinion.

That's why, at Starling Consulting, we made one of our Core Values Humanity: We recognize the value of our fellow humans and seek to give more than we take.

Now, you might be asking yourself what that has to do with sales and strategy consulting, and I could easily say "nothing." But I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING we do in our business (and our lives.) If you don't recognize the value of your fellow humans—ALL your fellow humans, not just the ones who agree with you—it affects every aspect of your life. If you feel disdain for other humans, or distrust for whole groups of people, it is going to change how you work, and with whom. \

It is critically important to this company that we surround ourselves with people who are interested in caring for each other, whether they are business owners looking to improve their company so they can give more back to their employees and communities, or whether they are potential employees and partners who want to join us in our mission to improve organizations and give more back to our employees and community.

Entrepreneurship and business ownership is a sure way to make a significant difference in the lives of others, and we want to make sure our clients, partners and employees are interested in making that difference—that they want to improve the lives of the people they touch. For us, this belief is just as foundational as Excellence or Communication. We're here to make a positive difference in our community, for all humans, not just people who look or think like us.

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