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At Starling Consulting, we focus on helping businesses of all sizes develop effective, intentional, long-term sales strategies that drive immediate results. We use our proven systems and processes to meet you where you are, and get you to where you want to be. 


Ready to Work Together?

We have three ways you can tap into our resources—Sales Strategy Consulting, Sales Coaching, and our Powerhouse Sessions. You can read a little more about each option below, and then schedule a quick 30 minute meeting today to talk to us and learn more. 

In a Meeting


Our Powerhouse Sales  Process has all the elements you need to get the results you want from your sales function, whether you are looking to build a new team or level-up the team you already have.

Best for: Companies with established sales teams; companies that want to create a sales team. 

Business Meeting at a Cafe


Our one-on-one coaching is not another band-aid sales training session—it is a deep dive into the strategies and tactics you can use to become more successful selling just about anything. 

Best for: Solopreneurs; small business owners without a dedicated sales team; sales teams of one. 

Virtual Team Meeting

Sales Tune-Ups

Great sales teams are like race cars - to keep performing well, they need regular tune-ups. Our workshop series was developed to make good sales teams great, and great teams even better. 

Best for: Well-designed sales teams looking for performance boosts and ongoing education. 

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