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#117: Heading into the Home Stretch

Today is December 11th, folks. Only 20 more days left in this bizarre, stressful, crazy year. A little less than three weeks. Can you even believe it? I know there were some days in April and May that felt like weeks, and that this year has seemed about a decade long, but here we are—almost done.

But with only 20 days until next year, are you ready? Are you ready with a plan for how you and your team are going to grow and thrive in 2021? Have you sat down and had a solid strategy session to come up with your annual plan and your detailed goals and targets for first quarter?

If not, get that on the calendar now, before everyone vanishes for the holidays. There's no better feeling than turning the page on the calendar to January 1st and knowing that you've done the work to plan for a successful year, and no worse feeling than starting a new year without any sort of plan at all.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy or outrageous. A couple-hour Zoom session with your team can accomplish a ton, and can set you up for success in the new year. Make a plan, stick to the plan, and don't allow your excitement at ending 2020 stop you from doing the work you need to do to get ready for 2021.

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