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#124: It Doesn't Happen in a Day

Last week, I was pedaling furiously on my exercise bike, listening to a workout guided by a wonderfully peppy gentleman named John. (I mean, I'm sure I'd find him wonderfully peppy in any circumstance that didn't involve my legs turning to noodles.)

As we were thrashing our way through this workout, he said something that I immediately had to email to myself, without regard for the mortal danger caused by emailing at the same time you are on the verge of unconsciousness.

John, in the middle of a hill push or a sprint or something awful, said,

"Remember folks, it doesn't happen in a day. It happens daily."

Whoa. Now, I'm reasonably sure John was talking about thigh gaps or buns of steel or whatever, but my mind immediately went to my business, which I'm building, day by day, brick by brick, and more often than not, feel like is not going fast enough. I WANT my business to be built in a day, just like I WANT my ideal body to emerge from this fluff cocoon after one day of workouts.

But it doesn't work that way. Nothing happens in a day. There are no overnight successes. There's simply hard work, repeated daily, for enough time to get momentum and start seeing which point there's more hard work, repeated daily.

It was a good reminder, and one that I now have attached to the bottom of my computer monitor for those days when I am feeling like my progress is too slow or my results aren't impressive enough yet.

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