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#28: Shoot 'Em Straight

Last week, a client of mine sent me an email from a candidate they'd interviewed and offered a job. We'd spent time recently perfecting their job descriptions and interview process, making sure we were being very specific and up-front about the job duties and expectations, so they would attract the right candidates and weed out the ones that wouldn't be interested in doing the work. My basic philosophy is that you need to be as straightforward as possible at all points in the hiring process, so there are no unpleasant surprises for someone once they've accepted a job with your company.

(As an aside, I remember a job interview I had in my early 20's, when the job description was purposely vague and even after I went for the interview, I still had NO IDEA what the job was or what I would be doing. It was BAFFLING. Needless to say, I passed on that opportunity.)

The email from their candidate was a total validation of that philosophy. Here it is, in its entirety, with names redacted to protect the innocent:

"As I mentioned to you yesterday, this 5 month job search has taught me a great deal. (Your company) was one of the very few companies that was completely transparent in the job posting. I felt like I knew exactly what I was applying for and nothing in my discussions with you changed that. It helps a candidate feel comfortable in the interview already having a good idea what to expect. Thank you again!"

Talk about a home run! Here's a candidate who felt good about the process, understood what my client wanted and was able to use that information to choose between them and another offer he had on the table. The time they spent crafting a good job description paid off, big time. Getting the job description right is one of the first, most important steps in the process to hiring the right person, every time.

(Wanna hear the funny part? He chose the other offer. Because my client was really, really clear about the job and the expectations, he realized that the other position was a better fit for him, saving my client the heartache and expense of hiring someone who was really in the market for a different opportunity.)

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