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  • Writer's pictureLacy Starling

#85: Expectations Don't Matter - Activity Does

In a meeting with my coach a few weeks ago, we were discussing my revenue targets and sales numbers, and I was saying that I was a little bummed about the fact that things weren't taking off as quickly as I'd like. She asked me what I would say to a client whose sales results weren't meeting their expectations. (She's good like that.)

I paused, and thought for a second, and said, "I'd tell them that expectations don't matter—activity does."

It doesn't matter what you expect of your sales pipeline, if you aren't doing the activities necessary to fill the top of the funnel, the sales you want aren't going to magically fall out the bottom. It was, as usual, a good wakeup call for me to begin brainstorming some additional sales activity I could be doing on a daily basis to move the needle on my pipeline, and begin seeing the results I want.

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